Bikram Yoga – @Bikramyogaessex

Bikram Yoga - @Bikramyogaessex

For those of you that don’t know me, I’ve played football at a half-decent level for 20 years, been going to the gym for about 10 and training Muay Thai for about 5 – check out my fight here if you like, whilst I was training in Koh Tao, Thailand: .

However, this weekend was the first time I ever tried Bikram Yoga at Bikram Yoga Essex ( which was recently opened by Billi Mucklow from TOWIE (@BilliMucklow).

The knock on effect from being so active for so many years was a neck injury that started about two/three years ago and made worse by a knock in a car last year. I have had physiotherapy, osteotherapy, acupuncture and deep tissue massages as often as I can, for as long as I can remember, but none of them have given me the relief that I got after just one session of Bikram yoga this saturday – I have since been Monday and Tuesday, and already upset I wont be able to make it until the weekend.

The studio is tucked behind Loughton high street and as soon as you enter you feel welcomed with smiles and “hello’s”, even though you’ve just meet, which is so far from the everyday life we all experience, despite seeing familiar faces on the train or even at work who barely raise an eyebrow.

They currently have an offer of £35 unlimited for the first month, which I’ve taken advantage of, and offer everything else you could need from towels, mats, water and of course the ever so popular @VitaCoco.

When you first walk into the studio it hits you and I instantly start sweating, nothing new, but once you get into it you kind of get used to it. Every now and then I feel light headed and occasionally like i’m about to pass out but the instructors are great and advice you to just sit with your head above your heart and breath through your nose, as you should be doing anyway 😉 – They are quite strict mind you, no talking and if you talk you’ll get moved…its like going to the naughty corner, not that i’ve been, I just keep quiet and get focused pretty quickly.

You go through a series of 26 postures over an hour and a half and whilst its very challenging physically, it is so unbelievably rewarding both physically and mentally. The first time I finished and walked into the cooler air it was amazing but I had a certain euphoric feeling that I cant really explain, I felt exhausted but in a nice way, very relaxed and a sense of achievement. I did struggle a bit that afternoon but my own fault for not drinking enough water, as I sweat profusely and need to take a lot on before and after.

I’ve now been three times and my neck hasn’t felt this good in 3 years, I cant begin to try to explain how great this feels. Waking up everyday with a bad neck, not being able to look one way or another without a pinch or shooting pain is exhausting and when it gets to the point that you cant wait to lay down at night, just to take the weight of your head off your neck and shoulders, its a real struggle.

Not only has Bikram Yoga helped with this but all over, as you really notice the imbalances in your body, not to mention how nice it is to just switch off from the outside world for a short while.

I cant recommend this highly enough, whether you just want to get fit, relax, enjoy yoga, or have an injury that needs help, this will benefit anyone and everyone.

So a massive thank you to Bikram Yoga Essex and look forward to being back at the weekend.





  1. Mate this is great! I did Bikram for the first time about 6 weeks ago in LA and you’ve pretty much described how I felt afterwards too. Felt so alive when I stepped outside of the studio it was unbelievable. Such a difficult feeling to describe to people so I just tell them to find a place and go. Need to step it up again over here and find somewhere in London

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