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For 20 years I’ve played football almost every sunday for 90 minutes, blood, sweat and tears and enjoyed most of it but I’ve had my fair share of injuries: broken leg, broken ankle, broken ribs, broken nose, broken eye socket and more than enough ligament injuries and knocks to last a lifetime. So why did I keep playing? Because for 90 minutes I loved it, I love the competitiveness, I loved the fitness and I loved the banta with the boys but unfortunately due to my position, as a centre back, I was hurting myself too much. The last few years have been very stop and start and the injuries seem to have got the better of me.

As I got older I used to train a lot at the gym, and like most not stretch properly, and then tried a number of other sports such as¬†Muay Thai, which I loved but after training for 90 minutes I had the pleasure of a Thai massage most evenings, which for ¬£6 in Thailand you cant really say no! As much as I loved all of these activities and the feeling during, and immediately after, the long-term effects we’re causing me too much pain. I’ve tried yoga before in the past and I’ve tried Pilates, as well as a number physio and osteo sessions but all of this can mount up to quite an expensive habit, not like a ¬£6 massage in Thailand, and none have given me the benefits that I have received from¬†Bikram Yoga.

The physical effects in just a few weeks have been astronomical, although one of my favourite postures¬†is: “left ear down”, which for those of you that don’t know, isn’t actually a posture, it’s the rest in between and a lovely stretch on my neck ūüėČ – ¬†On a serious note, I have never done something for such a short amount of time and seen such a huge difference. My hamstrings have loosened up, my neck feels great, my shoulders aren’t as tight but most importantly I feel so much more relaxed.

90 minutes in a hot room, a lot of focus and 26 postures does amazing things for your mind and after a day sitting in an office, hunched over a desk, and staring down at a screen, treat yourselves to 90 minutes of Bikram Yoga and I guarantee you’ll feel so much better for it.

Trust me give it a go, no matter how old you are, what sports you do or how busy you are and I guarantee you’ll thank me for it. I’m not on commission or gaining anything from this, except my coco vita for tweet of the month lol, I’m saying this so that hopefully you’ll all enjoy the benefits of what 90 minutes can do for your mind and body.

Enjoy and let me know how you get on ;}








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Muay Thai

Travel Safe.

Bikram Yoga – @Bikramyogaessex

Bikram Yoga - @Bikramyogaessex

For those of you that don’t know me, I’ve played football at a half-decent level for 20 years, been going to the gym for about 10 and training Muay Thai for about 5 – check out my fight here if you like, whilst I was training in Koh Tao, Thailand: .

However, this weekend was the first time I ever tried Bikram Yoga at Bikram Yoga Essex ( which was recently opened by Billi Mucklow from TOWIE (@BilliMucklow).

The knock on effect from being so active for so many years was a neck injury that started about two/three years ago and made worse by a knock in a car last year. I have had physiotherapy, osteotherapy, acupuncture and deep tissue massages as often as I can, for as long as I can remember, but none of them have given me the relief that I got after just one session of Bikram yoga this saturday – I have since been Monday and Tuesday, and already upset I wont be able to make it until the weekend.

The studio is tucked behind Loughton high street and as soon as you enter you feel welcomed with smiles and “hello’s”, even though you’ve just meet, which is so far from the everyday life we all experience, despite seeing familiar faces on the train or even at work who barely raise an eyebrow.

They currently have an offer of ¬£35 unlimited for the first month, which I’ve taken advantage of, and offer everything else you could need from towels, mats, water and of course the ever so popular @VitaCoco.

When you first walk into the studio it hits you and I instantly start sweating, nothing new, but once you get into it you kind of get used to it. Every now and then I feel light headed and occasionally like i’m about to pass out but the instructors are great and advice you to just sit with your head above your heart and breath through your nose, as you should be doing anyway ūüėČ – They are quite strict mind you, no talking and if you talk you’ll get moved…its like going to the naughty corner, not that i’ve been, I just keep quiet and get focused pretty quickly.

You go through a series of 26 postures over an hour and a half and whilst its very challenging physically, it is so unbelievably rewarding both physically and mentally. The first time I finished and walked into the cooler air it was amazing but I had a certain euphoric feeling that I cant really explain, I felt exhausted but in a nice way, very relaxed and a sense of achievement. I did struggle a bit that afternoon but my own fault for not drinking enough water, as I sweat profusely and need to take a lot on before and after.

I’ve now been three times and my neck hasn’t felt this good in 3 years, I cant begin to try to explain how great this feels. Waking up everyday with a bad neck, not being able to look one way or another without a pinch or shooting pain is exhausting and when it gets to the point that you cant wait to lay down at night, just to take the weight of your head off your neck and shoulders, its a real struggle.

Not only has Bikram Yoga helped with this but all over, as you really notice the imbalances in your body, not to mention how nice it is to just switch off from the outside world for a short while.

I cant recommend this highly enough, whether you just want to get fit, relax, enjoy yoga, or have an injury that needs help, this will benefit anyone and everyone.

So a massive thank you to Bikram Yoga Essex and look forward to being back at the weekend.



Forgotten memories and a mini winding torch.

So many old photos, videos and journals to go through I sometimes don’t know where to start…but I always remind myself that you just need to start at the beginning. When we have so much going on in our lives it can be really tricky to try and deal with one thing at a time, but take a breath, write things down and start working you way through it. I write about this in a previous blog:¬†‘Dream Big Start Small Act Now’.

We last looked at some of our journeys through China so after our exploration of the Great Wall, cramped train journeys to the Teracotta Army, endless trips to the Jade factories, weird and wonderful games in the street, and meeting random people for dinner, we made our way to HK. One of the best things about travel is the people you meet and some of those people have become very close friends and always will be. Others we’ll never see or speak to again but imbedded memories in our mind that will never be forgotten…so here is a thank you to all of those people that made these trips what they were and produced the memories that we still have today.






Hong Kong was a nice break for a few days as we found China to be quite difficult in some areas due to the language barrier, but it may have been because it was our first destination and we were still trying to find our travelling feet. As I previously mentioned in ‘By investing in your travels your travels will invest in you’¬†we were very fortunate to have a friend in Beijing, as after leaving Shanghai I wasn’t ecstatic about China. There seemed to be such a huge segregation between locals, expats and tourists and I prefer to get in the mix and amongst it, which we certainly did in Beijing.

In HK we only had a few nights to play with so caught up with a good friend, Greg, and¬†checked out the night markets and Victoria Peak, which I highly recommend is a must do when visiting. It’s over 550m above sea level and the highest mountain on Hong Kong island, attracting over 7million visitors each year. We timed it perfectly as despite the queue for the tram managed to hit the top at sunset and watched the night sky unfold, the clouds sweep over the peak and the city skyline light up. It all happened so quick but was truly remarkable. We’d only been away a few weeks but was great to see a familiar face as he also bought us the best gift and a necessity for any traveller….a mini winding torch. I cant tell you how useful this was and no need for batteries, so a definite to include in in your backpack:¬† (remember to quote¬†FLOOGLE10GAP¬† for an extra 10% off).



I find that some of blogs are more purposeful with regards to our look on life and how we go about doing things we do, but others are simple stories of what we got up and what made me who I am today.

Travel Safe ;]