Winner of versatile bloggers award

The nicest awards to win are always those received from fellow comrades as you both understand and appreciate the hard efforts that go into you work.Brad Frankel





Video Blogging…whats it all about?

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New adventure…St.Petersburg

I must admit Russia was never really high up on my travel list but due to a friend moving there last year we planned a trip and on our way to the airport as we speak. I’ve written about change quite a lot previously as think it’s good to change things from time to time, whether it’s a daily routine, weekly activities, jobs, lifestyle and the list goes on, but why?

Experiences make us who we are and whilst we are born with specific characteristics we develop most of our traits as we develop. Good memories, bad memories, trivial times, exciting moments, all of these ‘experiences’ allow us to develop as people from basic learning such as, cry and you’ll be fed, to work and study hard and you’ll succeed in what you set your mind too. As we get older we begin to settle as ‘societal pressure’ enforces us to do so and the change becomes a lot harder. We have commitments, responsibility but most of the time are so set in our ways that just that word ‘change’ can haunt most of us. So whether it’s using your left hand to draw, trying a new class at the gym, eating a new dish, travelling to places you never imagined or changing your job….do it! As experiences make us richer as people.


The weekend arrives…

After a week at work and that long aspiration for the weekend what is it that we do with our time? I quite often find that the weekends with no plans are the best, but maybe that’s because they are so rare, as I can’t complain about the great weekends shared with good family and friends. I usually run around like a nutcase trying to fit everything in and then before I know it Sunday has arrived and it’s time to set the alarm for a Monday morning. Fill your time with things that mean something, things that make a difference to who you are and don’t forget what is right in front of you as quite often we let that pass us by. Enjoy your free time, you work hard for it!


London town!

London is a different place when the sun is out, BBQ’s blazing, Pimm’s pouring, skin scorching and flip flops flapping!


London is an amazing place and I moved to East about a year or so ago after growing up in the outskirts of East London, well really Essex. I was born in Clayhall, Ilford and then lived around Abridge and Buckhurst Hill for the best part of my 20’s.  I don’t think recent programmes really put Essex in the best of lights as there are some decent people out there that can actually string two sentences together, and have a wider outlook on life.

I had a great upbringing but since moving East really got to appreciate what London has to offer, I constantly find new restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and random little hubs that make London so special. Its interesting when you find a place and settle in, sometimes its a home away from home, and despite loving your roots you start to appreciate what you want and where you want your future to be.

Its tricky when you take into account friends, family and work but finding a location that makes you happy is a huge factor that balances those ‘life scales’. Think about what you enjoy doing, how you can do it and where you can do it!

Is a desk the place for an intrepid traveller?

We all Know the answer to this one and i’m sure a lot of friends and family can’t believe i’m still here but its all about the balance: the balance of our lifestyle that makes us content. I’ve been writing a book for a number of years and  this blog almost seems the perfect place for it, as although it has quite a solid foundation and introduction, the core of the book is forever evolving.

To be happy in what we do, is to do what makes us happy!

To be happy in what we do, is to do what makes us happy!

It talks about friends, family, love, work, education, travel, money, health and fitness, and how you have to find the balance between all these factors to find what is right for you. Everyone has a different balance, and the balance will change from time to time but you need to make sure the balance works, as if one is out of sync all of the others are effected.

I’m still finding my balance but i’ve got it pretty good at the minute, apart from the ‘old man’ neck and back which i wont bore you with, as i’ll save that for another time when this yoga starts helping, but the rest of the scales are almost set. #happydays #travel #flooglebinder #love #friends #family #money #work #education #health #fitness