Month: September 2015

Check out the second #blog from Gemma an

Check out the second #blog from Gemma and Jade at @Thailandelephan – in this article they talk about the realities of riding #Elephants – what they go through and why we must STOP!


I don’t think people realise the import

I don’t think people realise the importance that the #ocean plays in all of our lives, whether from a direct food source or vital #scientific #research that contributes to the likes of #cancer. We need to protect it #marine #conservation @flooglebinderUK – The recent ‘Living Blue Planet Report’ has raised alarms for #WWF and concluded that over 50% of all #marine life has been lost in the last 40 years. That is ridiculous. Help us to #conserve these #environments with our #Ecological #Monitoring #Programme in #Thailand –

Where is your next #holiday? Do you know

Where is your next #holiday? Do you know much about the area? The #culture? The people? Their traditions? I love to find out as much as I can about the places I visit, and quite often #discover amazing things but also #communities that need #help, and usually as a result of our #tourism over the years. #Travelling with a #sustainable mindset can make a huge difference. Think about it the next time you book a #trip – #sustainable #travel @flooglebinderUK

Through #travelling we get to see the mo

Through #travelling we get to see the most amazing places, new #cultures and diverse habitats but we also get an opportunity to see the real issues. We can choose to ignore them or we can do small things that make a big difference. Our projects give everyone the chance to get stuck in and help these communities and environments. Whether its a quick visit that allows you to see what is happening and spread the word or active participation, its up to you! This video shows a challenging trek through the #Himalayas followed by our #GoldenTriangle tour where you get to visit the amazing charities that we work with. Have fun, explore new places, develop yourself and help doesn’t get much better than that!