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In a flash i'm about to turn 30, love to eat good food and travel. Always crazy busy with work or socialising, like quite a range of music, love to keep active, never sit still, enjoy a cheeky glass of red, love a Leffe, cant beat a good film, love the outdoors, love thailand, love the sun, get bored on the beach, love meeting new people and exploring new cultures, prefer a good meal and good wine over a club, love an espresso maritini and now enjoy and old fashioned. love the markets around east London, good coffee and a salt beef sandwich with mustard....if i'm with my girlfriend, mates, family and good food...i'm a happy man!

Every now and then people get together a

Every now and then people get together and create something incredible, and hats go off to Linzi Hawkin the Founder of SUPKids who launch today on World Oceans Day. Her hard work, dedication and passion are inspirational so please get involved: share, tweet, like, pin and help to raise awareness for this amazing program. Through stand up paddle (SUP) boarding Linzi has designed an educational program for 5-12 year olds designed to teach kids SUP, water safety & environmental education #supkids #starboardsup #livethetikilife #loveourplanet #oceanplastics #starboardsupkids #supadventures #bcorp #parleyxsupkids #fortheoceans #sustainablesurf #worldoceansday


Another one of our projects in #India te

Another one of our projects in #India teaching #vocational #skills to women & children so that they can provide for themselves and their families. They learn a range of skills including handicrafts, jewellery making, print design and textiles. There is also a shelter that can sleep and feed up to 70 a night, plus a medical facility and ambulance. What are you up to this summer? #GetInvolved #volunteer #conservation #community #develop #travel #explore #wanderlust #globalcitizen

This is just one of the amazing projects

This is just one of the amazing projects that we support in #Jaipur, which gives children the #opportunity to #learn and #develop. This is a mainstream school that offers the Gurukul system, the primary educational system in SE Asia and promotes an equal society irrespective of their social standing. It has over 600 children from poor, rural communities and functions entirely on external funding, giving these children the opportunity that every child deserves…AN EDUCATION!

The most skilled & dedicated worker I’v

The most skilled & dedicated worker I’ve ever seen! This was at Umang in #Jaipur who strive to provide #equal #opportunities for all. They enhance the quality of life for individuals with various #disabilities, including #CerebralPalsy, #Autism, Mental Challenges and Multiple Disabilities. They develop and empower individuals as well as offer a range of outreach services to rural communities. Words cannot begin to describe the work that they do, so all I can say is go! Go and see it for yourself and if you can help…get involved! #travel #develop #explore #community #GlobalCitizen #Charity #NGO #NonProfit #SustainableTravel #India

It baffles me how people can want to har

It baffles me how people can want to harm such a beautiful #animal! I have touched on this subject before, RE: the domestication of species, whereby we adapt them for our own personal use, be it #dogs as pets, #cows for milk, or elephants for riding. This seems alien to us as its an #exotic #animal but what about #horses? is it ok to ride them? or is it the ‘norm’ because they’re native to us. Both species involve a ‘breaking in’ stage, crushing their spirit to obey human instruction. In an ideal world we’d leave them be but I appreciate that as we evolve we utilise the resources around us but is this #sustainable? #elephant #conservation #india #globalcitizen