Dream Big, Start Small, Act NOW!

Dream Big, Start Small, Act NOW!

Its so easy to get lost in the big picture of what we’re trying to achieve. We look at a particular task and sometimes don’t know where to start but its so easy and something I say to myself at least 3 times a day: “start at the beginning” – It sounds so obvious, its stupid, but its so true.

1. Think of what you are trying to achieve,
2. Think about the steps that you need to take to make it happen,
3. Write them down in a structured format, and

Physically seeing this plan is a great start already as you know what you need to do and can systematically work through your plan, and most importantly….SEE THE PROGRESS.

I met with a friend I haven’t seen for a long time today and after sharing a few ideas, and helping each other, both came away with a completely different attitude to how we started our day. We both know what we need to do and know how we are going to get there but sometimes you just need that little push in the right direction and reinforcement to gain confidence and belief in your goals!

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New adventure…St.Petersburg

I must admit Russia was never really high up on my travel list but due to a friend moving there last year we planned a trip and on our way to the airport as we speak. I’ve written about change quite a lot previously as think it’s good to change things from time to time, whether it’s a daily routine, weekly activities, jobs, lifestyle and the list goes on, but why?

Experiences make us who we are and whilst we are born with specific characteristics we develop most of our traits as we develop. Good memories, bad memories, trivial times, exciting moments, all of these ‘experiences’ allow us to develop as people from basic learning such as, cry and you’ll be fed, to work and study hard and you’ll succeed in what you set your mind too. As we get older we begin to settle as ‘societal pressure’ enforces us to do so and the change becomes a lot harder. We have commitments, responsibility but most of the time are so set in our ways that just that word ‘change’ can haunt most of us. So whether it’s using your left hand to draw, trying a new class at the gym, eating a new dish, travelling to places you never imagined or changing your job….do it! As experiences make us richer as people.