Sunday lunch

Last week we took a little adventure out of London…just 25 mins from Marylebone took us to a beautiful little village accompanied with an awesome Sunday roast. You always know it’s going to be good when they ask you how you like your roast beef cooked #rare

We seem to take our own location for granted, as being on our door step, we always put it off and look further afield. However, travel plans over the last few years have changed as a result of people being more careful with their spending, and you’ll be surprised at how many ‘attractions’ are close-by with a little research. Check out local sites, see what’s happening in your area and get involved. It’s always nice to feel part of a community which you can sometimes lose living in a big city like London. It’s full of tiny little hubs, which you can become part of quite quickly but nothing like getting out in the sticks. Denham was a beautiful little village but another one that you have to visit is Arundel on the South coast, about 20mins west of Brighton. I’m there in a few weeks so will be sure to share some pics and videos of a beautiful little town and, if not to hungover, a lovely little run through the South Downs.

So get involved with your local community and be part of something!