Sunday morning East London markets


Short and sweet video blog this morning – but looking forward to the written word later!

Video blogging is quite a new thing for me and something I’m certainly adjusting to, whether its the fact that I can see myself whilst blogging, or knowing that people can see my face and know who I am, it makes it a lot harder, as you can partially hide your identity behind a written blog, unless you want to be known and heard!

I’m sure as time continues its something I will adapt to, as the truth is I’ve been blogging most of my adult life, but usually talking about experiences and documenting places of travel..to sit in front of a computer is a lot harder to engage an audience as why do people want to listen to me, or watch me speak about something? I’m sure as time goes on, through trial and experiment, I’ll understand what captures an audience as there is so much that I want to document but its just knowing where to start.

So, hopefully through this journey you’ll experience a fairly ‘normal’ guy, raised in Essex, travelled the world, loves friends, family, food and photography, learn the art of blogging and how to document his life and create a following!



Video Blogging…whats it all about?

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