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For 20 years I’ve played football almost every sunday for 90 minutes, blood, sweat and tears and enjoyed most of it but I’ve had my fair share of injuries: broken leg, broken ankle, broken ribs, broken nose, broken eye socket and more than enough ligament injuries and knocks to last a lifetime. So why did I keep playing? Because for 90 minutes I loved it, I love the competitiveness, I loved the fitness and I loved the banta with the boys but unfortunately due to my position, as a centre back, I was hurting myself too much. The last few years have been very stop and start and the injuries seem to have got the better of me.

As I got older I used to train a lot at the gym, and like most not stretch properly, and then tried a number of other sports such as Muay Thai, which I loved but after training for 90 minutes I had the pleasure of a Thai massage most evenings, which for £6 in Thailand you cant really say no! As much as I loved all of these activities and the feeling during, and immediately after, the long-term effects we’re causing me too much pain. I’ve tried yoga before in the past and I’ve tried Pilates, as well as a number physio and osteo sessions but all of this can mount up to quite an expensive habit, not like a £6 massage in Thailand, and none have given me the benefits that I have received from Bikram Yoga.

The physical effects in just a few weeks have been astronomical, although one of my favourite postures is: “left ear down”, which for those of you that don’t know, isn’t actually a posture, it’s the rest in between and a lovely stretch on my neck 😉 –  On a serious note, I have never done something for such a short amount of time and seen such a huge difference. My hamstrings have loosened up, my neck feels great, my shoulders aren’t as tight but most importantly I feel so much more relaxed.

90 minutes in a hot room, a lot of focus and 26 postures does amazing things for your mind and after a day sitting in an office, hunched over a desk, and staring down at a screen, treat yourselves to 90 minutes of Bikram Yoga and I guarantee you’ll feel so much better for it.

Trust me give it a go, no matter how old you are, what sports you do or how busy you are and I guarantee you’ll thank me for it. I’m not on commission or gaining anything from this, except my coco vita for tweet of the month lol, I’m saying this so that hopefully you’ll all enjoy the benefits of what 90 minutes can do for your mind and body.

Enjoy and let me know how you get on ;}








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