Trekmates volume reducer from the Gap Year Travel Store

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Large Trekmates volume reducer from the Gap Year Travel Store

  • Ziplock closure
  • Airtight and water tight

– Simply fill and roll the air out through the one-way valve.

I have used a similar product before but was more targeted towards storage in the home and required a hoover, as opposed to travel, so I must admit I was a bit sceptical when I first pulled them out the packaging, as wasn’t quite sure how different it would be to rolling my clothes, which I would usually do when travelling. However, I decided to place one of the biggest things I could get my hands on, which at the time was a pillow, and was very surprised to see the results:


I pulled the zip across and began to roll from the zip end down towards the one way valve and very easily compressed the bag, and pillow inside, to a considerably reduced size. There was no air coming back into the bag and no increase in size over time, so unlike trying to squeeze a sleeping bag back into its sleeve, which we have all experienced and probably cried about, after a sleepless night in a cold, wet tent, this remained tightly compressed. 

I wouldn’t have considered this item before trying it but don’t think I would now travel without one….in fact I now have 2. 

It folds up to practically nothing, although I would be careful not to bend the zip closure to much so that you don’t break the seal over time. I recommend rolling it up and storing it long ways so that there is little effect on the zip and seal.

This item is currently reduced to £7.99 and with this code you can receive a further 10% off : FLOOGLE10GAP

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