Logos: colour and fonts…

Logos: colour and fonts...

I don’t come from a marketing background although wish I did at times, so playing around with our new logo was tough, especially considering we thought it was ok the first time round. However, with some industry insight it appeared that our logo was aimed at a slightly older demographic to who we were trying to target, which is anyone that fits into the following: students, backpackers and flashpackers. So technically has no age bracket as our programs are open to anyone who fits into the those three areas, so it was even harder when designing the new logo.

The first battle was simply layout but we were happy with out first template but then we had to decide on font: nothing too serious or corporate; but not too unfledged, so went with a typewriter font that we hope gets across what we’re about: travel, documentation, journals and exploration.

Then we had to look at colour which was by the far the hardest, as our programs are certainly environmental, so looked at earthy colours, although they lacked excitement and passion, so we focused on energy, enthusiasm and inspiration but still with a stable, composed and reliable element, which is exactly what we’re about…Fun, exciting travel with a purpose.

What do you think?


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