Never too old to learn but never too young to teach!


From an early age I was a bit of a ‘know it all’ and I’m sure still show similar signs of this trait but not in the same way. Now it’s more a reflection of my experience and travels but I’m cautious to not evoke the same emotion, as certainly discovered that as we grow older we learn a great deal and that never stops. We experience new things, go through new emotions and evoke very different feelings as a result of these experiences.  

BUT WE CAN STILL LEARN A LOT FROM YOUTH…A few years back I met someone who was going through a difficult chapter in their life and without me even realising I taught them many things. Being their junior it was very enlightening to see the impact that I could have, as despite my age, my thoughts, perspective and optimistic approach was a big help. I have also learnt a lot from this person as their outlook and perspective, which is as a result of their experiences, has evoked feelings and emotions that causes them to think the way they do now… We are a reflection of our own experiences.

As we get older we encounter more experiences which helps us to learn and develop but sometimes this can also cause doubt, so lets look even younger – CHILDREN!

Children have had very little experiences yet whilst this is a rapid learning curve, for them, we can also learn a great deal. Their innocence breeds a sense of freedom that we seem to forget as we age, so its refreshing to see this and not forget that we can sometimes be tarnished from certain experiences…we shouldn’t let these confine our thoughts or views.

“It is good to learn from our experiences, but don’t forget how exciting it is to encounter new ones!”



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