Rat Race: Societal Pressure


There are always moments in our life where we reflect on what it is we want to achieve, what our goals are and how we are we doing in terms of reaching them. There is nothing wrong with asking these questions from time to time but ensure that you write the answers down, and date it, so that you can check your progress. Depending on how you are doing with your goals, set some targets to achieve for the next check point, as it’s makes a big difference to physically see these accomplishments being achieved.

Whatever your goals are be true to yourself and don’t give way to what I call ‘societal pressure’. This is all around us constantly whether on TV, print or more importantly through friends and family, so very difficult to ignore, but don’t forget your goals, your passion and you purpose.

If you have no goals, its hard to find purpose and with no purpose, its hard to find passion!

We all like different things and want different things from our lives, whether it’s the career, the car, the helping hand, the volunteer, the worker, the cook, the actor, the actress, the star, the medic, the designer, the gardener, it’s an endless world of opportunities so don’t be afraid to set your goals high and get what you want from this journey.

I’ve spent many years in 9-5 rat race and see that churn of robots climbing the stairs, those senseless faces, ear phones diluting the world around them, and heads buried into gadgets, that stop us appreciating what is in front of us! How different would this world be if we all did what we loved? And why can’t we? 

We all know people that love and hate the same job so surely it’s right for some but not others? If you could put everyone in the job they loved, wouldn’t the world be a happier place? Everyone doing what they enjoy…a sea of smiles and an army of ants enjoying their role in this society.

I don’t understand economics, I never studies psychology, and I was pretty bad at maths, BUT I’m taking a calculated guess that there are enough people in this world to do the jobs that need to be done and enjoy them, whilst others complete the jobs that don’t need to be done but with passion. 

Find your purpose and follow it with passion!


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