Where to start?

Every week a situation arises and I don’t know where to start, whether its a project at work or looking at old travelling material, but there is a very easy and obvious solution…..the beginning!

As ridiculous as it sounds…its true, sometimes we fill our mind with so much stuff and try and tackle everything at once but we cant, so write it down step by step and start at the beginning. Not only will you work through it systematically but you’ll also gain great pleasure by physically ‘ticking it off’ and seeing yourself getting closer to your end goal.

As some of you may know i’ve started a youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/bradrichardfrankel) for a number reasons, one to talk about my life but most importantly to document my travels. With over 50hrs worth off footage, thousands of photos and around 30 countries visited, it seemed silly not too. I didn’t know where to start with so many different mediums but I’m going to start with blogging and photos, and as time progresses (more on youtube) we’ll have some cool video’s to upload, but first I need to work out how to use Final Cut Pro. 

My round the world trip started in May 2007 and after planning my escape for over a year, the only thing that kept me sane at work were the savings I put into my account each month. Whatever your goal is, big or small, you need to plan it effectively and make sure you do something each day to achieve it. These things take time and you need to be patient, but with the end goal in mind, step by step you’ll get there….

The goodbye at the airport was an emotional one, everyone almost holding it together but as the first one shed a tear that was it, everyone was at it, tears all over the place and then we both had those horrible headaches, after you’ve been crying, for the plane journey…so we were off to a good start. Then, after customs and baggage we were looking forward to riding the magnetic train into the city but no-one would let us buy a ticket, they just looked at us and shook their heads. We thought our denominations were too big but it wasn’t until everyone turned us down that we knew something was wrong and realised that we had changed our money into Yen instead of Yuan, which is the difference of about 500 miles across the East China Sea. After finally buying our train tickets, in Chinese Yuan, we made it into Shanghai city centre to find our hostel but wasn’t sure how much we should pay for the taxi, it seemed a little high and when he drove off with the car boot still up we knew we’d been ‘done’. It turned out to be 10x the price, which he achieved by saying the decimal place was in the wrong place, so we we’re off to a good start but they say things happen in 3’s and with the crying, the currency and the cab I think our bad fortune had passed…


Goodbyes at the airport…before the tears!



Finally bought our train tickets!


The Magnetic train into Shanghai!


The food in China was awesome…I love my meat but I could have been a vegetarian out there as it all tasted sooooo good!


View across the Huangpu River on a misty night!


So crazy to see modern buildings being built using bamboo scaffolding!




Our new friends…little did we know that Asker and Jonas would keep appearing 😉


We then showed China how to breakdance…except….we cant breakdance…but they thought we could and loved it!



Xiaolongbao (dumplings) in Shanghai were probably my favourite dish!


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