Big year. Big month. Big day

Before you know it the day has flown by and before you know it you’re at the end of the month, and (yes, you guessed it) before you know it, we’re celebrating NYE!

It’s quite scary how quick time can go…I now work in an office where they think 30 is old (for the jury I’m 30) yet I don’t think I even started yet. So many of us conform to what I call ‘societal pressure’ – study, work, settle, family. The generic kind of time line that many of us get scared to stray away from but why? Is it because we’re scared? Is it because we care too much about what other people think? Maybe it’s just easier to stick to the plan? I’m not saying there is anything wrong with the plan. In fact the plan is pretty great, if that’s what you’re ready for but if you’re not, don’t feel pressured. 

Every now and then someone comes along and likes to mess with the plan a little. Why should we all stick to the same plan? We are all so different. Why should we feel so pressured by society? Individuality is what makes the best friends, the most exciting journeys, and interesting cities. 

You need to be a strong character to break away from the mould but for all those ‘only fools and horses fans’ – ” he who dares Rodney, he who dares…”

As I’ve said before, and you’ll continue to hear me say, I never really know where these blogs are going to take me. I start with a blank canvass and just write, sometimes it just flows and I don’t even want to get off the train to stop writing, as I’m in a rhythm, but other times I stare at a blank sheet not knowing where to begin. That’s the beauty if it! Who knows what’s going to come from it? In the same way who knows what ‘s going to come from an alternative plan!

Today’s thought is don’t wait, do what you want to do, do what makes you happy and do it now!

“To be happy in what we do is to do what makes us happy”


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