10days til 30!

The whole 30 benchmark doesn’t really bother me as every phase I’ve been through (teens and twenties) just keeps getting better and better.

I’ve got an awesome family, amazing friends, phenomenal girlfriend, a job I enjoy, healthy mind and body and enjoy a holiday here and there.

‘A good recipe for a good life’

I could say my scales are fairly balanced, a few things tip here and there but generally all good. A nice example of how these factors are effected on a short term basis is when we look at a hangover; health and fitness is on a low, work doesn’t happen and relationships with those around you can suffer. This is obviously only on a short scale (ie a day) but imagine that over a period of years. If you’re doing something you don’t enjoy, you’ll be unhappy, tired and everything around you will be effected.

So make sure you have purpose in what you do and enjoy it!


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