Plans don’t always go to plan!

I wanted to be a vet when I was younger but soon realised that a)I wasn’t clever enough and b)I didn’t want to study for another 5+ years. I went on to do Marine Biology due to my love for biology and scuba diving and despite not being in that field now, I have no regrets. I met amazing friends, travelled to amazing places and realised what I’m capable of doing if I really put my mind to it. Education and travel have had a huge part in my life and definitely made me the person I am today.

I wouldn’t say I necessarily enjoyed all my studies as the pressure of exams and coursework can be tough but we all work very differently so it’s imperative to find out your style and the best way you learn; maybe you’re one of those lucky people that read it once, maybe you need to watch it or discuss it, or unfortunately like me you may have to write it out a zillion times and then break down into sub sections, then take the first letter from each sub section and make up the most ridiculous phrase. It’s long winded but the good thing is you’ll remember it and have a plan of what you’re going to write. My studies took me on my travels and for that thankful, I still dive fairly regularly (preferably in hot places) but in terms of my plan its ever evolving and that’s the fun of it… Things change, people change…just be prepared to adapt and embrace it and you’ll enjoy the journey a whole lot more!


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