Everybody has a dream!

I’m enjoying this whole blogging world, although so many places to share it, post it, link it and publish it, I’m getting a bit dizzy!

Until I’ve got a bit more time on my hands, to pull out the old journals and travel blogs, I’m going to try and keep you entertained with random daily feelings and thoughts. This afternoon were going to look at dreams;

Some people simply dream of good pizzas and that’s understandable, especially if they look as good as this. Although the infamous glass of a ‘good old red’ is missing. I suppose we could compare them to pizzas;

Margarita; some people dream of the simple way of life, nothing to extreme, a nice and stable environment. Crispy at the edges and maybe a sprinkle of something here and there, or some chilli oil to spice it up.

Vegetarian; like to cement their roots, but dream of travelling to find new flavours. Every now and then they dream of something big to happen and venture out to try something new, even a little tofu here and there, but they soon realise its what you add to it that makes it so good!

Calzone; these people dream about the whole package. They want everything, the yacht, the plane, the wife and kids. Not only that they want it wrapped up nicely for them and served on a silver plate.

Meat feast; don’t care about the little things, they just want to make a statement. Big f-ck off house, pool, flashy car, happy to go out with a bang.

Italian; like the meat feast, vegetarian and calzone all in one but with a little more class. They dream of it all and want it packaged nicely but a little less understated. Appreciate the little things in life and dream of a healthy, balanced life. Some bites are a little bland but they’ve got the whole package so they don’t complain!

NB// Please note these guidelines aren’t based on scientific evidence and for the record it’s all about the Italian with a splash of oil, some cracked pepper and a little extra Parmesan. #smashedtaggedit


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